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Cheri Muniz

Sr. Capital Consultant

Location: Nationwide

Specialties: Specializes in PHI and Capital Opportunities for Businesses

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Cheri Muniz, Project Blue's Expert for Preventative Health Initiative

A dynamic and seasoned professional, Cheri Muniz is your reliable partner in navigating the complexities of business - from managing costs and increasing profits to employee retention and rewards strategies.

Cheri specializes in Project Blue’s Preventative Health Initiative (PHI), a program designed with the purpose of tackling key business owner challenges. If you're a business owner with a team of 10+ W2 employees earning $25k per annum or more, then you'll definitely want to engage in a conversation with Cheri!

Combining the sterling practices of Fortune 500 corporations, Project Blue seeks to bring Wall Street innovations onto Main Street businesses. PHI provides a wealth of benefits, all geared towards stimulating business growth. Notably, employers can expect an average FICA tax reduction of $500 per employee per year, at absolutely NO cost. As for employees, they can look forward to valuable wellness coaching and enticing cash-value, whole life insurance.

But PHI is only just one facet of Project Blue. As a company, we are keen to partner with business owners, providing them with comprehensive resources, business capital and strategic tools necessary for undeniable success.

Contact Cheri now - make the smart business move today!

Here is Why An Accounting/CPA Firm Endorses The Preventative Health Initiative Plan

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Preventative Health Initiative

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